Portraits and Commissioned Paintings



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                                                         Painting painted according to specific client’s instructions.

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We paint portraits and commissioned paintings for a minimum gallery price
100% Satisfaction or money back is guaranteed.






                                                                         Painting painted according to specific client’s instructions.



Our Prices

Choose from 4 different sizes. Prices vary between the size you choose, and what you want to have painted.


Pricing guide for commissioned paintings:                                                                     

20x24 inches     =    ‎€160

24x36 inches    =   €200

24x48 inches    =   ‎€220

36x48 inches    =   €240



For portraits with up to 2 people, pets and landscapes painted from pictures:                                                                                           

20x24 inches     =    ‎€210

24x36 inches    =   €250

24x48 inches    =   ‎€270

36x48 inches    =   €290

The more detail the painting has, the price increases correspondingly. 


For more information, you may contact us at 0719642741 or you may email us at orders@earthgalleries.ie

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We are delighted to bring you one of the largest, most diversified, attractive and affordable collections of oil paintings on canvas available online and in Ireland.

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